Bielat Santore & Company Launches New Website Redesign



Bielat Santore & Company integrates mobile-friendly access for website users

Bielat Santore & Company is excited to announce the launch of their newly redesigned state-of-the-art website. The site, which was released to the public this week, allows users to readily navigate through information about the company, the services the company offers, its team members, client testimonials and industry related press releases and videos. Most importantly, the new website makes the firm’s current available listings and sold properties more easily accessible to the viewer. Finally, the new site integrates a mobile-friendly platform which the old site did not offer.

To view Bielat Santore & Company’s new website, visit Information about company news, the latest sold properties and available properties, can also be found on the firm’s Facebook page at and blog page at

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Seaside Liquor License: SOLD!


We’ve updated our Sold Properties page to include a recent sale of a liquor license in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The license was a Type “32” license; a Plenary Retail Consumption License w/ Broad Package Privilege.

For the full press releases announcing the sale, visit the Sold Properties page. The press release is also posted on our Facebook and Pinterest pages as well as our website.

Who’s Who in the Restaurant Industry

Bielat Santore & Company looks to Fleming White Appraisals Inc. for trustworthy restaurant appraisals


Since the early 1980s, Bielat Santore & Company has recommended Fleming White Appraisals, Inc. for accurate commercial appraisals. Originated nearly 50 years by Carl Fleming, Michael White joined his uncle Carl as an appraiser and eventually became his partner. Specializing in commercial and residential real estate appraisals, the company also provides various services including valuations, lease analysis, litigation and condemnation to name a few. With thousands of appraisals under their belts, including hundreds of restaurant evaluations, the Colonia, New Jersey based company has both the experience and market data to complete any appraisal assignment.

Michael White’s career in the appraisal business began in 1975, shortly after graduating from high school. In an effort to assist his uncle, who injured his arm, White offered to drive him to all of his appointments, where Fleming saw his potential in the business. White was invited by Fleming to work at the company and in July 1975, White made his first appraisal of a house in Little Silver, New Jersey. “Back then we were mainly doing residential and commercial appraisals,” said White. “You didn’t need a license in those days as long as you had customers who believed you could do it.” Upon graduating from college in 1979, Fleming offered White a position with his company and by 1989, the two made their partnership official.

Today, Fleming White Appraisals Inc. is proudly approaching 10,000 total appraisals, including over 500 restaurant appraisals. “Getting to this stage in my career, I’ve appraised buildings when they were first built,” said White. “I wish I kept photographs from years ago in the 70s and 80s.” While the partners’ primary territory has been New Jersey for years, White admits that he often comes across places he’s never seen before. “You have to have a strong understanding of the market so I decided to focus in New Jersey,” said White.

There are many factors to be considered when appraising a property, such as the condition of the real estate and the surrounding area. “I look for problems,” said White. “We’re not building inspectors. I look for obvious things like if it is maintained nicely.” White also explains the importance of the location of the property. “I look around outside and research the market that the property is in; what’s happening and if there are other buildings planned to be built or constructed,” said White. “Good thing about living in the area is I know more about what is going on. The most fun part of the job is I love going out and seeing places and talking to people,” said White. White documents his visits with photos, a physical description of the property, measurements of each room, and a floor plan if it is not already supplied by the owner to include in a report. “We look at the property independently and determine the value to see if it is sufficient to make the loan on the property,” said White.

Above all, White stresses that the number one thing his company looks for when appraising a commercial property is finding the right comparable sales for the property or specialty restaurant. “Restaurants are a very specific and unique use,” said White. “I feel we really need to use restaurant sales to measure comparable sales.” When selling a restaurant, it is important for the appraiser to know the specifics of the sale including the motivation between the buyer and seller as well as what’s included in the sale. “I know a lot of people in the business, specifically brokers, who will talk to me and give me these details,” said White. “Without that, it can overstate or understate the value of the restaurant.” Along with commercial and industrial appraisals, Fleming White Appraisals Inc. also specializes in green and sustainable buildings as they have been recognized by the Appraisal Institute in green and sustainable homes and solar energy. “The way the buildings are constructed is very innovative,” said White. “It’s a growing market; something that is very interesting to me and I try to stay on top of it.”

White is excited about what is to come in the family business for him and his uncle – Fleming is currently in his late 80s and still does the occasional appraisal, while two of his sons continue to work in the business as well. “The last year or two has been a very active year,” said White. “We get a lot of work towards the end of the year because people want to close within the year. All signs are pointing to another active year in 2018!”

Fleming White Appraisals Inc. is located at 2 Ridge Lane in Colonia, New Jersey. For all inquiries, contact 732.388.2177.

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Bielat Santore & Company Welcomes New Salesman


Bielat Santore & Company introduces new salesman to team

Bielat Santore & Company is pleased to welcome the newest addition to its team of professional salespersons, Mr. David A. Alvarez. The former restaurant owner is working alongside the company’s three other Licensed Real Estate Salesmen, Joseph Denker, Robert Gillis and James Gutentag. The addition of Alvarez has benefited the company by providing more opportunity for business in the northern part of the state. Alvarez’s primary territories are Bergen and Passaic counties.

As a former restaurant owner for over 20 years, Alvarez has an impressive background in the restaurant industry. Before deciding to obtain his New Jersey State Real Estate License, he co-developed and co-owned the popular, Romanza Restaurant in River Vale, New Jersey as well as founded, owned and operated, Bachetto Feast in Nanuet, New York and Westwood, New Jersey. Read more about David A. Alvarez in “Meet the Salesman” coming soon on Bielat Santore & Company’s blog at

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Who’s Who in the Restaurant Industry

Charley’s Ocean Grill introduces new owners


Dining with an ocean view does not have to wait until the summer months for patrons of Charley’s Ocean Grill in Long Branch, New Jersey. While the shore town is often quieter in the off-season, the new owners of the popular summertime spot, Mario Magriplis and Frank Lambrinos hope to keep the momentum into the offseason as well. Magriplis provides Bielat Santore & Company with a first look at what changes to expect at the restaurant they recently purchased.

Working in the restaurant industry was part of growing up for both Lambrinos and Magriplis whose families excelled in the business. Magriplis lived in Canada and Greece where his family owned multiple restaurants and hotels, and Lambrinos was practically raised in the family business, the Blue Swan Diner in Ocean, NJ, which the duo also currently own. “We both grew up in the business and both decided to leave our professional careers in order to go into business for ourselves,” said Magriplis.

Selecting a location for their next business venture wasn’t a difficult task for the partners who have had their eye on the area for some time. Both Magriplis’ wife and Lambrinos grew up close to the beach neighborhood. “There’s a lot going on in Long Branch. We’re excited about the development and advancements,” said Magriplis. “I’m from an island in Greece, so it was a great opportunity to be close to the ocean. Just coming here and looking at the beach fuels me for the rest of the day.”

Since closing on the property in September of 2017, they have been slowly making updates to the restaurant. Recently the pair released a new menu, taking a cue from their customers on what kinds of dishes they would indulge in and introducing flavors that pair well with a seaside setting. Sourcing fresh seafood, good-quality meats and combining ocean-inspired cuisine is an important component in creating the recipes their guests are sure to love. “We want to incorporate things that people like to experience near the ocean and naturally you can see a Mediterranean influence in our new menu” said Magriplis. “Just because it’s not summertime, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the shore!”

Before the big crowd rolls in on Memorial Day Weekend, the partners are focusing on building relationships with their local customers. “There is a seasonal effect to the business but we aim to build on our local following. Our casual atmosphere and delicious food really do offer our patrons a local summer experience all year long,” said Magriplis. “We are trying to build on that culture.” Much of the restaurants’ previous success is credited to the location and the people who have dined at the restaurant since the eatery opened in 1985, serving as a focal point of the community and a meeting place for locals. “The restaurant is a landmark. There is a lot of history in Long Branch, and Charley’s is part of it,” said Magriplis. Guests can expect familiar faces serving them as most of the employees working under the former proprietors are still on staff. “The staff is an integral component to running a successful restaurant. The right people elevate an establishment and we are lucky to be working with talented individuals that are also good people.” Some additional developments include utilizing the upstairs banquet room for live music, specialty nights and VIP happy hours. They also plan to offer the available space for reservations and walk-ins when there is an influx in visitors. “We offer a unique experience, excellent food and drinks, with a casual setting,” said Magriplis. “It wouldn’t be a beach place if you have to wear a three-piece suit.” A new web page is in the works as well, featuring a new cocktail menu inspired by the local beat. We want to offer cocktails and dishes that make you feel like you are on vacation” said Magriplis. “Though we offer a casual setting, our drinks and food are of an elevated standard” The partners have gotten to know most of the very satisfied local customers, but they are also looking forward to meeting new customers as business floods in this summer.

Charley’s Ocean Grill is open for lunch, dinner and drinks from 11:30 am until 2:00 am. Their banquet room seats 100 guests indoors with additional space at the cocktail bar and outdoor patio. Call the restaurant for a reservation at 732.222.4499 or visit their website at

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Who’s Who in the Restaurant Industry

B2 Bistro + Bar – An Inside Look at the new Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey Eatery


Red Bank, New Jersey residents have been graced with the ever-indulging B2 Bistro + Bar since the restaurant opened on Shrewsbury Avenue three years ago. Fans of the popular eatery are now gearing up for their second location opening its doors in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey this spring. Co-owner and Executive Chef, Cesare “Chez” De Chellis provides details on what to expect from the new hotspot.

Continuing to operate as 709, while in the process of transitioning to B2 Bistro + Bar, the Point Pleasant Beach facility serves a wide variety of dishes prepared by Executive Chef Meg Lamanna, who’s family opened the restaurant in 2012. Lamanna will continue as Executive Chef Lamanna after the transition to B2 Bistro + Bar, with guidance from De Chellis, along with operating partner Stephen Valentine. As for the overall design of the restaurant, there will be major changes to the property that differ from the Red Bank location – which he operates with business partner Russell D’Anton – including plans to update the entranceway and complete renovation of all dining areas.

De Chellis is no stranger to the restaurant industry, with an impressive background of his own. “I always knew I wanted to cook,” said De Chellis who developed much of his cooking skills from his family. “My dad always supported me. I remember being mesmerized watching my dad cook in the kitchen.” The young chef even took a year off from high school to pursue his love for cooking, helping out at his aunt’s restaurant in Italy, where he has dual citizenship. “Italy was the best experience that I ever had,” said De Chellis. “It really solidified what I wanted to do; I learned a lot.” Graduating at the top of his class at the Culinary Institute of America in 2004, De Chellis cultivated his skills in the kitchen working with Executive Chef Don Pintabona (formerly of Tribeca Grill, New York) and Chef Jimmy Canora (formerly of Delmonico’s, New York) at Valentino’s on the Green in New York. “As a sous chef, you start running the restaurant, taking the chef’s job and essentially running them out of the kitchen a little bit,” said De Chellis about what he learned working alongside top ranked chef’s. “I want to see B2 Bistro + Bar continue to be successful and grow!”

De Chellis has a lot of plans up his chef’s coat in the culinary department for Red Bank and Point Pleasant Beach guests. He regularly updates the menu four times a year. “I am constantly changing the menu because we get bored,” said De Chellis. “I want to keep it fun, innovative, and new for the repeat customers.” To keep each dish fresh and unique, the New Jersey native creates a base B2 Bistro + Bar menu including restaurant favorites. He then has free range to add whatever else he would like. “Mentoring is a big part of what I do here. I want to give back to the younger community so they can grow as well,” said De Chellis. “We are all learning constantly from each other. The moment you stop learning is when you got to hang it up.”

De Chellis is especially particular in the ingredients used in his recipes making sure that they are the freshest for his customers. “I want people to know that when they come to see me, they are getting the highest quality food at the lowest quality price,” said De Chellis. “I’m always in search for the best quality ingredients trying to create sustainability as well.” The duo agrees that the Point Pleasant Beach menu will be based on whatever is in season, with plans of introducing fresh farmto-table ingredients, a wood burning oven and localized pork and meats to the menu. “All of my recipes are based on my travels,” said De Chellis. “You’ve got to cook from the heart and food has to make you feel something.” As construction is about to begin at the Point Pleasant Beach location, the partners also plan to open another B2 Bistro + Bar in West Reading, Pennsylvania. “I want to build something that feels like home, or like guests are dining at their friend’s home,” said De Chellis about his vision for the restaurants.

B2 Bistro + Bar is located at 141 Shrewsbury Avenue in Red Bank, New Jersey. Guests can visit 709 at 709 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey until the last week of April/early May when it is scheduled to relaunch to B2 Bistro + Bar. Go to their website for more information at

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Who’s Who in the Restaurant Industry

Owners of Breaker’s Kitchen & Tap – Packed with Full House One Month After Grand Opening


Upon walking into the Waretown, New Jersey restaurant, Breaker’s Kitchen and Tap, employees are hard at work preparing for the day. The bartender is squeezing fresh lime juice to top off their specialty drinks, as the wait staff is tidying up each table with silverware and menus. Customers begin to arrive shortly after the doors open at 11:30 am for the lunchtime rush, as owners Kelly Ford and Katie Davis immediately greet each guest. This is what to expect when visiting this new eatery, celebrating their “Grand Opening” early last month.

The location was home to the former restaurant and bar Longshots, which occupied the space until 2012. The building had remained idle until sister’s Ford and Davis made an offer in January 2017. “The property was vacant for a while and the price kept going down until finally it hit our mark,” said Ford. “We took it as a sign to purchase and move forward with our dream of running a restaurant.” The location holds a special place in the girls’ hearts as it also commemorates the final time they shared a beer with their father, who unexpectedly passed away one week after the three dined at Longshots together. Pictures of the family are currently displayed on the wall at the exact spot where the photos were taken that day.

With the help of Richard Santore, Bielat Santore & Company, Allenhurst, New Jersey, the broker for the sale, the sisters became proud owners of the Route 9 location on October 31, 2017. They have been restoring it ever since. “The building was in shambles after being closed for so long,” said Ford. “Right away, the night we closed we got to work.” Renovations included installing new windows, ceiling tiles, flooring; refinishing chairs and bar stools, steam cleaning the kitchen and painting the entire facility both inside and out, “About ninety percent is finished,” said Ford. “We just need to add more things on the walls and a few other little things here and there.”

With the help of their chef, Matt Kenney, the team was ready to introduce Breaker’s Kitchen & Tap to the community, just in time for the scheduled February 9th Grand Opening. “We spent a couple of days fine tuning after a rough soft opening on February 6th,” said Ford. “It was supposed to be invitation only, but people started flooding in. We’ve been packed ever since!” The sisters are no strangers to the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry as they both began their careers as managers of Macaroni Grill in Dallas, Texas. “We eventually went our separate ways – myself pursuing a career in Education and Katie in Social Work – we never forgot that training,” said Ford.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Kenney worked at various restaurants before landing the Head Chef position at Breaker’s Kitchen & Tap. “We were excited when Matt came on board because he can incorporate some Denver flavors into our dishes,” said Ford. “He added a lot of recipes to the menu.” Some of Kenney’s favorite creations are the 14 ounce Grilled Prime Bone-In Pork Chop topped off with a salt-pepper crust and dried cherry glaze and the Signature Crab Cakes with sautéed diced onions, celery, bell pepper and special seasoning.

Since the news broke that the quiet shore town was getting a new restaurant, the neighborhood has been more than welcoming. “Waretown has been very supportive and asked us if we would like to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony,” said Ford. “People are just so excited about a new place down here.” Their fresh ingredients, delicious food options and craft beer selection are not the only things that the sister’s believe will make them stand out from their competitors in the area. The girls also made it a priority to provide a positive dining experience for all of patrons. “We strive to have the highest customer service and best hospitality around,” said Ford. “We don’t want any customer walking out of the restaurant with a bad experience. We will always take care of a guest if they had an unsatisfactory experience.”

It is always all hands on deck for the duo who spend much of their time at the restaurant getting to know each customer. “One of us is here at all times to touch the tables and introduce ourselves,” said Ford. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed as the Breaker’s Kitchen & Tap Facebook page has nearly 2,000 followers and 250 reviews. “If you look at our reviews on Facebook, most are praising our customer service, which is a big focus of ours,” said Ford. The girls credit the positive feedback to a system they implemented using teal and white napkins to help the employees identify the new visitors. “We distribute white napkins to our first time visitors, and teal napkins to our regulars,” said Ford. “We want to see more white napkins, that’s the goal because that means we have more new customers.” The restaurant will also be bringing in a lot of familiar faces as guests are getting more comfortable at the casual eatery. “It’s great to hear people say ‘we love the vibe. We needed a place like this!’” said Ford.

Breakers Kitchen & Tap is open Monday through Sunday from 11:30 am to 12:00 am. Guests are invited to enjoy live entertainment every weekend starting at 7:00 pm and Trivia every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Takeout is also available. For more information, visit their website at or call 609.622.2963.

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